Mother’s Day Appreciation Post

Picture1(Advance) Happy Mother’s Day to all bookish Moms out there and to your Moms, Grandmothers, and Mother-figures in your life!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mother because without her I wouldn’t be here writing this post. My Mom is nowhere near perfect, there are a lot times where I feel like she doesn’t understand me and some days I find her very annoying and I just wish that she would just leave me alone. But that’s just me being an ungrateful, know-it-all teenager.

I am thankful for my Mom because she is always there for me, she dedicated her life into being a full-time Mom to raise me and my siblings, she is a loving wife to my Father, and she is a wonderful person (and I’m not saying this just because I’m her daughter but because she truly is). I know that I need to be more grateful for her and make her feel loved and appreciated because the reality is she will not always be here for my entire life (this fact is so heartbreaking that it always breaks my heart and brings tears in my eyes just by thinking of it).

Okay so enough of this emotional and sincere declaration of love for my Mother.

I would just like to share some of her most famous lines that I often here when I’m reading books:

“Stop reading and rest your eyes! You have been reading all day already!”


She always interrupts me and it’s so annoying when she does it! I know that she is just concerned with my eyesight (because I already have bad eyesight) but she doesn’t understand that I am being productive by reading!

And sometimes I just read very slowly just for her sake because she always complains how I finish books in just a day and she thinks that the book is not worth the money because of that. Moms these days, hays.



hhhhHere are 5 Books that I read where the main character’s Moms play a huge role in the story or has a huge impact in their lives. Most Mothers in these books are present in their life and influences them and their choices but some Mothers are not present in their life at that moment but that doesn’t stop their significance!


1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

“One thing my mother never knew, and would disapprove of most of all, was that I watched the Garretts. All the time.”

This may be the story of Samantha and Jase but both of their mothers play a significant role in their story. And not only their Mothers, this book also focuses in both of their families.

2. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

She’ll sit on the train and stare out the window at the sea.

A woman will sit next to her and they’ll strike up a conversation.

The woman will ask her if she has any children, and she’ll say, “No.”

Wrong, Len. She’ll say, “I’m on the way to see my girls right now.”

Lennie lives with her Grandmother because when she was little her mother left her and her sister one day and never came back. Now Lennie deals with the lost of not only her Mother but also her older sister.

3. How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne

An emotional reunion + A mother and daughter who aren’t very good with emotions + Two years of not seeing each other

All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber’s hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that.

4. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

“It doesn’t take a whole long life to realize that what we deserve to have, we rarely get.”

I am having a hard time describing this book. This is the story of not only Anna and Kate but their whole family. And as the mother of the family, Sara wants the best for every family member especially her daughter Kate but when Anna finally refuse to cooperate in helping her Sister— what would a mother do? How can you save a family that’s falling apart?

5. How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

“It’s just so out of control. Life, I mean. The way it flies off in all these different directions without your permission.”

Jill’s mother decided to adopt a baby after her husband’s death. Jill feels like that her mother is being irrational and is making decisions out of grief.

Mandy’s mother never wanted to have a child. When Mandy falls to the same fate as her mother, she knows that she wants a better life for her baby and it can’t be found with her.

As their worlds change around them, Jill and Mandy must learn to both let go and hold on, and that nothing is as easy—or as difficult—as it seems.

So that’s my list. What are other books do you think will make us thankful for our Mothers? Or other books that have a significant Mother in the plot? And I also want to know what are your Mother’s famous lines when it comes to your reading or obsession with books?

I think that Mothers, or Parents in general are really important in stories especially in YA books because teenagers need all the guidance and help that they can get even though they won’t admit it!

Happy Mother’s day again to all Moms out there and to your Mothers!

Please do leave any comments, messages, reactions, and/or suggestions! Thank you you for reading. Until next time ❤

16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Appreciation Post

  1. Such a lovely, thoughtful post 🙂 I haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper (because I’ll undoubtedly cry) but I did watch the movie (which unsurprisingly made me cry). The mother in that book is so strong and inspiring!

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  2. It’s not Mother’s Day here (well, wasn’t) in France, it’s not ’til the end of the month, but that didn’t prevent me from loving this post 🙂 I especially loved My Life Next Door and The SKy is everywhere (that one just broke me.), and I love how it puts an emphasis on relationships! In MLND, the story gave a great place to family, and I loved it 🙂 Great post!

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