Genie Shares: Coming Out of the Bookshelf


Genie Shares is a Saturday feature in geniereads, where in Louise (weekly) shares a personal book-related story.

Hello there reader! So here I am attempting to do something that will help me share a little more about myself and my life. This feature will enable me to share a personal story/experience.

This week’s story title is: Coming Out of the Bookshelf, which is a story on how, when, and why I became a reader.

So let’s get this started!

Once upon a time,

I didn’t read books for fun. Nope, I did not grow-up with books. My parents didn’t read me a bedtime story at night. Neither of my parents are avid readers, as a kid the only books that they wanted me to read were school textbooks (because they’re grade conscious lol), encyclopedias (I remember my father urging me to read our encyclopedia set at home so I can be a smart kid, I always end up looking at the picture of the different breeds of dogs whenever I try to read one), and the Bible (because they are very religious). For my siblings, my older sister was an occasional reader, I saw her reading popular books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games but it never rubbed unto me.


So how did it all started? I think the right question is when, because my reading habit started on 6th grade when my classmates introduced me to the world of Wattpad. Yup, I first discovered the beauty of the fictional world in Wattpad. I think it was out of curiosity and boredom when I first visited the site. The very first story that I read was titled, Diary ng Panget, which translate to Diary of a Ugly Girl (this book is now a popular published book and was already turned it a movie here). Ugh, it was the most cliché story—ugly poor girl falls for a mean handsome rich boy love story—but 12 year old me loved every bit of it! That was only the start of my Wattpad obsession, I spent my life reading cheesy and cliché teen-fiction stories through our desktop computer at home until I was in 8th grade. 7th grade was definitely the peak of it, where I started writing my own bad cheesy short stories, (I hate myself ugh) I was super proud of my stories that I even shared them to my Facebook account urging my friends to read them! (Now I suffer being teased by it, I really really hate my 13yo-self).

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about reading Wattpad stories, I just feel like my choice of stories were really bad. Luckily, by the early months of 8th grade I finally got sick of reading those stories. And again luckily, most of my new classmates in high school were bookish persons, I could always spot two or more persons reading a novel during break, and being a fan of peer-pressure I got curious about it. 

The very first YA novel that I picked up was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which I now think is a very odd choice (maybe it was because I was tired of reading love stories).




After finishing Thirteen Reasons Why, I started reading other YA books, most of my early read books were the popular ones because they were more accessible for the innocent newbie me. And believe me, being a late-bloomer or coming out of the bookshelf late was a really ugly and bad experience for me especially because I was surrounded by people who already read the books. I WAS SPOILED IN SO MANY BOOKS BACK THEN IT LEFT ME SCARRED , all those beautiful plot twists ruined forever! (This is such a bad yet funny experience, I might share this story soon!)

Even though my eyes were now opened to the world of published books, I still occasionally read Wattpad stories until the end of 8th grade because of the on-going stories and/or the books of my favorite authors there. I officially ended my Wattpad Era the summer before 9th grade, where I dedicated my time on reading YA books.


Books really, truly, and deeply changed my life. It gave a new world to explore, new perspectives to look from, life lessons that I now cherish, made me feel all kinds of emotions, it became my escape. My favorite part of reading is the promise of a chance to live a different life within those pages. I’m a bit of a loner, but it’s okay— I love having an alone time with good book (and sometimes music) as companion(s).

I am a changed person because of reading, I may be an underdog before because I was a late-bloomer now I often have the upper-hand. I am now the one who is giving out spoilers—just kidding I only do this if they allow me to—because most times I already read the book they’re reading, I also tend to give book recommendations and suggestions to my friends and classmates.


But like anything my Reading obsession also has its downside. I dedicate a huge chunk of my time to reading, which is a bad thing for a high school student. In 8th grade I didn’t made it to the top ten of the class (I was a top student from the first year of my education until 7th grade), and do I blame reading? Uhm, yes. But not only because it took some of my study time and distracted me from studying, I also blame reading books because it made me realize that life isn’t only about grades. Grades and numbers may seem important for me at the moment but time will come that it wouldn’t really matter, most of my exam results are useless to me now, so I decided to not be hard on myself and just enjoy high school. I still care of my education and my grades but I’m not that grade conscious anymore, I’m still belong to the top/first section in my year level and I still study my lessons and give effort in doing projects. But I still can’t find the discipline to stop myself from reading when there are exams, like I’ll rush my study time and spend the rest of the night reading. I even stay up reading too late on school nights. I hope that I do better in college though, because that’s the real deal for me which will contribute a huge part in my career.

Now that I discovered reading I don’t think I’ll ever stop, I like to think that I would still be reading when I’m an old dog lady. I will forever love reading, books, fictional characters and the fictional world. I have so much more books to read, right now I mostly read contemporary books but I’ll try to read other genre as well, especially those fantasy book series.

So that’s my story on how I came out of the bookshelf. What’s yours?



  • The first Wattpad story that I cried my eyes out was about a person (I can’t remember the gender) doing things from a bucket list with his/her significant other, in the end of the story the person confessed that he/she has cancer and then that person eventually died. I WAS SO SURPRISED AND HURT BY THAT I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED LOL.
  • I was spoiled in The Hunger Games Series, Divergent Series, almost all of John Green’s books and many other books.
  • I only joined Goodreads last year, and now I feel so organized!

So there you have it my very first Genie Shares story! I had so much fun writing this post, I hope you had fun reading it as well! Next week’s story will be about how I became a Potterhead! So watch out for that.

Now it’s you turn to share you story! Tell me how you become a reader or how you fell in love with books in the comments. What was the first book you ever read? Did you had a Wattpad obssesion too? Feel free to share your story ❤


Please do leave any comments, thoughts, messages, reactions, and/or suggestions! Thank you for reading. Until next time,

❤ Louise

20 thoughts on “Genie Shares: Coming Out of the Bookshelf

  1. Great story! My love for reading started when I was in 2nd year of high school when my friend lent me a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I had read books/novels before that but I wasn’t hooked up yet. So I’d say Harry Potter was my coming out book? Hahahaha. And I understand the dilemma of reading vs studying, if only textbooks were as fun to read as novels, no! I’m curious about that first Wattpad story you cried over. I have read a number of stories in Wattpad too, was it written in Filipino? I’m trying to remember if I read something similar to that.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Harry Potter is really a magical book, I bet it casted a spell on you haha joke. Yes, ugh if only our lessons were about the books that we read then we’ll surely have a perfect score on all exams! Omg haha, I can’t remember the title anymore but I’m sure that it was in English and it was only a short story. Same to you, enjoy you weekend ❤

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  2. I kind of actually started reading at the same time, basically from 5th grade when my cousin sister took me to the book fair and introduced me to Famous Five. From then onward, there was no looking back. 🙂

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  3. Omg, it’s so cool that your love for reading came from Wattpad! That was such a delightful story to share, Louise. I totally get you on the family front, though. My mom is SUPER religious, so I used to have to read and memorize parts of the Bible. I remember when I was little, my dad always bought me those big books of fact to read. (I love how you read the encyclopedias though, LOL). But despite it all, I found my love for fiction 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank youu! Yes, I went to a Christian elementary school where we had to memories Bible verses all the time. Haha, it’s good to see someone who gets it. I agree, I’ll choose fiction over encyclopedias on any day. 😂😄


  4. I’m an old lady so I missed the Wattpad hype, but it’s a great outlet for people to write and read stories and it’s so great to hear that it got you into reading! I’ve been reading ever since I knew how and before that my grandma used to read to me so it’s always interesting to hear about people who discovered a love of reading later in their life. I loved reading this post and your use of Adventure Time GIFs, haha.

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  8. Haha, that’s a fun story. I don’t think I’ve ever not loved reading. My mom always loved reading and taught us kids how to read…and we’ve never stopped since! 🙂

    Out of curiosity, do you also write books, or do you just read them?

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    • Thanks! Oh wow, you have a pretty awesome Mom. 😊

      I’m just a reader, haha. I attempted to write a novel in Wattpad before but I literally stopped before I even got to Chapter 3. I sometimes do write essays and poems. 😅


      • Yes, she is awesome. I can’t even imagine how my life would be different if she’d never taught me how to read books…

        Ah, okay. 🙂 I’m a writer but I understand the pain of not being able to finish stories. (I have so many unfinished ones it’s not even funny.) And ooh, what do you write poems about?

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