Genie Shares: Reading Slump + School = Inactive Louise


Genie Shares is a Saturday feature in geniereads, where in Louise (weekly) shares a personal book-related story.

Hello there beautiful bloggers!

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It has been so long since my last Genie Shares posts, well honestly it has also been so long since the last time I opened up WordPress. Anyways, today I don’t have any interesting book-related story to share but, I’ll be sharing some excuses, I mean reasons why I have been so inactive lately.

So this post is mostly a what-have-I-been-doing-or-reading or an overall life update because if you guys noticed, I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) since I think June and I know you all been missing me!

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(Just kidding, I know no one misses me because you all are busy reading and blogging and going on with your lives!)


Yes, my number one reason for being inactive is none other than…SCHOOL.

I hate to say this but once again school has taken over my life. It literally consumes most of my time, and I can’t do anything about it. I have 9 subjects this semester, and my classes are from 7 am to 4 pm (Monday-Friday). And I usually go home by 5:30, then I still need to do a lot of schoolwork for the next day. I swear, I thought Senior High School would be more chill but I was totally wrong because I’m currently drowning with all these schoolwork.

Currently, I have two papers that I need to write this weekend but I’ll do that tomorrow. (Typical Louise) I’m not aiming to be on top of my class this year, I’m just aiming to survive and get this school year over with, but in order to pass I really need to put some effort especially in my Pre-Calculus class which would need a miracle for me to pass it.


 You read that right, the horrible and dreaded reading slump.

School might be very time consuming but I still have some few hours to spare, like an hour of travel when I go to school and go back home, or before going back to sleep. BUT I DON’T USE THOSE HOURS TO READ, AND I HATE MYSELF FOR IT. Ugh, it’s just so annoying because I really want to get some reading done but I can’t.

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Want to know what I blame for this slump?

YOUTUBE. YES, I’VE BEEN SPENDING SUPPOSEDLY PRECIOUS READING TIME FOR RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I can’t even explain why. And if I’m not on Youtube, I’ve also been watching a lot of movies especially last July.

Reading slumps are just so frustrating, like there are a lot of days when I really want to read but whenever I try to I either end up sleeping after two pages or not just really getting into the book like I can’t absorb the words. I’m so frustrated with myself because I try to calculate the time I wasted not reading and think that by that number of hours I could have already finished a book, so I end up feeling like an unproductive potato.


(Aren’t we all?)

So I basically spend the whole day at school then spend an hour or two (or three) for schoolwork and then I’ll sleep, repeat that five times you’ll probably end up with an exhausted Louise.

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School is just really draining, and I get to interact and socialize with people for more hours than I want to. I don’t know, most days I just feel like I’ve already reached my limit for interacting with people so I just want to be alone and not talk to anybody (Introvert problems). So I’m so sorry guys, if I haven’t been very active here. Because most days I’m just tired af, and I don’t have the energy to open my WordPress app and read and leave comments. It sounds like I’m making a lot of excuses but really I just feel tired.


I actually don’t know how to answer that but I have great news because I think that the READING SLUMP HAS GONE!!! YESSSSS, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stupefied the reading slump. So I’ll probably be posting 2 book reviews this week, because the last time I’ve posted a book review was in June. *cringes* (I’m so lazy and disorganized, I know)

I still haven’t finished writing my review for The Cursed Child, because I HAVE SO MANY CONFLICTED FEELINGS WITH IT AND I JUST CAN’T TURN MY THOUGHTS INTO COHERENT SENTENCES. LOL.

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I can’t promise that I’ll be back for good or that I’ll be consistently posting again because, honestly I’ll be having my midterm exams next week. Plus a ton of projects to finish, I’m already drowning save me please. But I will really try my best to open up WordPress from time-to-time especially now that I’m back to reading!!!


  • I was actually absent from school last Friday because I was sick so I used that time to catch up on some of your posts. And oh my goshhh, I’ve missed so many posts and I have so many things to catch up to!
  • August is my birthday month.
  • I miss reading Contemporaries so much, my heart so craving for warm and fuzzy reads.

I congratulate you if you’ve read all of that, and I’m also sorry because I think I kind of sounded a bit too annoying lol. But I think I just needed to let it all out, and I actually feel a little better now that I’ve poured my frustrations out.

Now, I want to hear if you guys ever felt the same! Have you ever been so stressed with school or is school also stressing you out right now? How long did your longest reading slump last? Do you also sometimes feel too tired and you just don’t want to deal with people anymore?

AND FINALLY, WHAT DID YOU FEEL ABOUT HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD? (Leave me a link of your review about it!) Share your answers and leave a comment below! I missed talking to you guys. ❤

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Please do leave any comments, thoughts, messages, reactions, and/or suggestions! Thank you for reading. Until next time,

❤ Louise

22 thoughts on “Genie Shares: Reading Slump + School = Inactive Louise

  1. Ahhhhh high school…I’m so glad that is over for me. Lol! Seriously though, high school can be quite the challenge and it amazes me how much we make teenagers work during that time period. So don’t be too hard on yourself that you haven’t had much WP time.

    Lately my slump has been due to coloring! Hehe! I am super addicted to coloring right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t wait for my high school years to be over already but then I’ll be dealing with college lol. I’m really having a hard time managing my time and being organized, so I end up not having time for WordPress 😅.

      Ohhh, I went through a coloring phase last year but then I eventually got bored with it haha. Hope you’re having a great time coloring! 😄💙

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going back to uni next month and I’ve been doing a lot of studying to be ready as I changed my major for my final year (Did I hear someone say crazy???) and I already feel the pressure on my shoulders! You are not alone, Louise, believe me!! I’m sending good vibes and brownies waft your way.
    Congrats on beating your reading slump! And don’t worry about not having the time to hang around here, the community will still be here whenever you come back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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