The Blogger Aesthetic Award


Hey there! ✨

It has been MONTHS since I did an Award post and that’s because I feel like most of the Awards/Tags are repetitive, don’t get me wrong I love reading these kind of posts because I feel like I know the blogger better after and I’m thankful for every time I get nominated but I just don’t feel like writing them most of the time.

tumblr_ohvcb3bUe91vijowqo2_250.gifBut the other day, I saw this and immediately wanted to do it! Luckily, I was already nominated by two awesome bloggers—Katherine @ Fabled Haven and Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews—thank you so much for tagging me and sorry if it took forever. And of course let’s not forget the creator of this tag, Liam @ Hey Ashers!

Don’t forget to head over to their blogs and checkout their #Aesthetics plus Liam’s post includes some tips on how to make/build your own. Enough ramblings, let’s get started!

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Blogger Recognition Award + I Survived My First Month!


Hello friends, it’s nice to see you again! (Look Mom, I’m so polite)

reactions excited adventure time hi yay

So one month ago, I posted my very first post here on my blog and wow… a big YAY for me because I survived my first month. I actually thought that I won’t make it this far because I have a bad history with commitments. Anyways, I am honored to do this post today which is The Blogger Recognition Award.

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