Review Policy

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Important Note: I am currently NOT accepting any book review requests! 

If you are an author or publicist/publisher and interested in having your book/s reviewed, here are some things to consider:

  • I mostly read Young Adult books, though Middle Grade and New Adult are negotiable depending on the genre and synopsis of the book.
  • Preferred genres: contemporary fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy.
  • I  DO NOT read books with heavy and graphic sexual/explicit content.
  • I am accepting ARCs or finished copies in both ebook and printed format. Although, I much prefer if you can provide me a physical review copy.
  • Due to my busy schedule (a.k.a school), I cannot post reviews as often as I would like so please do expect my review within 1-3 months once I accepted it.

I do promise to write a coherent and honest review that is entirely based on my own views and opinions. My reviews are posted here on my blog and on Goodreads, and are promoted through my Twitter.

If you still want me to review your book/s, you can use this contact form. Or e-mail me directly at

Please include as much detail of the book as possible in the e-mail.

*Due to the amount of e-mails I receive, I will only reply to those requests that I’m interested in.


My book reviews include the following: title, author, synopsis usually from Goodreads, book cover, my rating and of course my review.

The way I write my review varies but I usually talk about the following:

  • my initial thoughts about the book
  • the characters and their character development
  • plot-line, pace, and writing style
  • things I liked and didn’t liked
  • final and over-all thoughts about the book
  • quotes that I liked (for published books only)

As I said, I promise to write an honest review based on my feelings and thoughts about the book. Please note that I am a very emotional reader, so a lot of my feelings would be included.


I use a 5-star rating system with 5 stars being the highest and 1 star as the lowest. (No-half stars)

5 stars

4 stars
GREAT READ. Had the tiniest issue that hindered me from giving it 5 stars but I still highly recommend it.

3 stars
Okay read…had a fairly nice reading experience with some issues. I still recommend it!

2 stars
This book is not for me or it could have done A LOT better. Didn’t liked it. People don’t waste your time with this one.

1 star
Nope, nope, nope *cringes*

Note: I’m very generous when it comes to giving out stars! I usually stop at 3-stars but when a book is really, really, really bad then I have no choice but to give it 1-2 star/s.

Thank you so much for even considering me to review your book/s. Have a nice day and happy reading!