Year Ender Post: Top Books for 2016 & Goals for 2017

Heyheyhey there! ✨

Before the year ends I just wanted to squeeze in one more post, so here it is! Truly, 2016 was such a wonderful reading year for me—I read a lot of books, finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge (71/60 books read) and added a lot to my Favorite’s shelf!

And of course I wanted to share to all of you my top 16-ish books for 2016 as well as my reading + blogging goals for 2017.

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Dream Book Conference with My Favorite Authors


Heyyy there bookish people!

So how are you today? What are you currently reading? Hope you all are doing wonderful! As you may have read from the title, this post is all about my dream book conference (which may but probably will not come true) with my favorite authors! Admit it, you probably have daydreamed about your favorite authors gathering together on your dream conference once or twice now. Well, I always do and now I’m going to share one of my dream panel of authors.

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Books that I NEED to Read Before Summer Ends

HHHH (2)

So my Mom was watching the news yesterday and I heard the weather forecaster saying things about Low Pressure Areas and Typhoons, which basically mean that SUMMER is over. Which is pretty evident because of all that rain these past few days.

Well, rain doesn’t really mean that Summer VACATION is already over, because I’m still on vacation for 18 more days.

giphy (13)


I am now panicking because, I still HAVE A LOT OF BOOKS that I want to read before I get busy with schoolwork. I’m an impulsive reader, and I pick-out my next read randomly. I don’t usually make a list of books that I’m going to read.

But because I feel like I need to pressure myself into spending more time on reading, I decided to make a short list of the books that I NEED to read before summer ends. Continue reading

Hi from Louise + April Wrap-up [2016]


Hi beautiful bloggers! *awkwardly waves*

It has been less than a week since I started this blog and I just want to say that I am beyond overwhelmed right now. I have only been here for a very short period of time but the people here are so welcoming and pleasant and approachable and basically everything nice! Thank you very much to everyone for welcoming me in this wonderful world of book blogging ❤ Continue reading

Mother’s Day Appreciation Post

Picture1(Advance) Happy Mother’s Day to all bookish Moms out there and to your Moms, Grandmothers, and Mother-figures in your life!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mother because without her I wouldn’t be here writing this post. My Mom is nowhere near perfect, there are a lot times where I feel like she doesn’t understand me and some days I find her very annoying and I just wish that she would just leave me alone. But that’s just me being an ungrateful, know-it-all teenager. Continue reading