1 Like = 1 Fact About Me


In line with the celebration of surviving my first blogging month, I’m doing this! I saw this on Twitter, I had so much fun reading random facts about people so I decided to do it here because I can be pretty vain, I occasionally like talking about myself!

So if you want to know some random facts about Louise just like this post until Friday, June 10, and on Saturday I’ll be posting some bookish and not-so bookish facts about me. And if you want to know something particular about me, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments! Haha, that’s all.

Happy reading everyone.

❤ Louise

28 thoughts on “1 Like = 1 Fact About Me

  1. That’s a great way to communicate with everyone! And as for the question I want to know your favorite book! (The most dreadful question asked about 364848 tines to all book readers!) And considering you’ve only been blogging foe a month, imagine somthing you LOVE and then tell us if you’d be willing to trade that thing in return to your blog?

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      • I’m glad I’ll be able to make you think! And I read all your posts (call me crazy!) And they are all great specially the ‘Genie Shares’ segment and I can see how great you’re managing your blog. But just out of curiously (and jealousy. Ehm ehm. Of course in a good way!) how the hell did you manage to get 360+ followers in a month?! I’m blogging from 9 months and I’m on just 340!
        Salute you, boss!!

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      • Haha. Omg, I hope I didn’t waste any of your time. Thank you so much, though I can’t say that I’m really managing it well hehe 😅😅. Oh shizz, I really have no idea on how and why I have progressed so quickly. Maybe it’s because I spent way too much time on WordPress lol. Well, numbers are really nothing as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing. 😄💙Thank you again for your kind words. 😊


      • Hey! I didn’t waste my time. I LOVED your blog! And yes stats don’t matter! In the former months of blogging I just noticed the stats and then I started comparing my 20+ followers to people who have 1000+ followers. Pretty big mistake. 😦
        But I recovered from this dreadful disease. Now I’m good. 🙂

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      • Hahaha, oh thank goodness. 😅 Thank you so much! 💕

        That must have been an awful experience, but glad that you got over that haha. Blogs that have a huge number of followers are really something to look up to and I admit that I sometimes envy them. But I like to take them as a challenge or inspiration, hopefully we’ll both be as successful and established as them in the future! 💕

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  2. I saw something like this on Facebook, too! Oh my, that’s a LOT of likes. If it were me, I’ll have a hard time thinking about facts. Haha. Goodluck and congratulations on your first month! ❤

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  3. What a great way of chatting with people! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a month – wow! Your posts are really professional (I was just word vomiting onto my screen and clicking ‘POST’ and crossing my fingers that people would like it when I was a month old XD) I have a question: How much immersion have you had in the blogging communtiy? Like did you follow a lot of book blogs before you started blogging? Or did you just jump straight in without knowing anything?

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    • Thank you so much! 💞 You’re too kind, haha I also feel like I’m mostly just word vomitting, my thoughts are really not organized.

      I honestly just jumped right into it, I customized my site for a day, then started posting the next day. I eventually followed other book blogs and started interacting with them. I was so clueless at the start—the tags, awards and memes confused me. 😂😂

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